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Impressive 1st time

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Tias
E-mail: Tias@tidos.dk

Hey everyone. I've chosen to post my first trip even though it's been a couple of years ago, since first trips are usually unique in the sense of awe and wonder they instill.

It was quite awesome in many ways, the trip changing as I went.

I sat with my friends D and L. D is an experienced Shroomer and served the position of guide for me and L. We each drank a glass containing 2 grammes of dried Psilocybe cubensis ground up in water. We sat in his room watching TV, and the first effects sat in after 10 or 20 minutes, I'm not sure how long. His walls are painted with a million pictures and designs in psychodelic color combinations, and suddenly they glowed intensely. I also felt really good, a prickling sensation in my limbs and head. I remember shaking heavily while laughing at I-am-Weasel on Cartoon Network. After a while, we saw stuff begin to move. I decided to get up and walk over to one of his psycho art posters. It featured this caterpillar sitting on top of a mushroom, smoking a pipe where bubbles came out of it. The bubbles floated all over the poster, and as I touched the velvet surface, it rippled over the wall like when you touch the surface of a liquid pool. L said she felt cold, and we talked some, before D went over and put on some new music called the Ninth Revelation. It was good, sounds of the a great jungle or forest mixed with angelic singing and ambient rhythms. In no time the entire room glowed a nearly painful yellowish white, yet it filled me with intense joy and appreciation. Now and then L or D would talk about what they saw and felt, and I could hear myself answering with words that weren't mine. I talked about the eldest of days where love and compassion were the true ways to measure a man, and why love is the supreme emotion. I began to cry with sheer emotion, talking about how joyous I felt. D later told me he remembered me clad in a robe of green light, like a spirit of nature and love. The music was changed to Sri Hari - Rising Sign, and as I sung along with the hindi and arabic holy hymns, I remembered the same joyous feeling coming to me, as we kept discussing why love for the perpetual or ultimate force far surpassed any love in the material universe. Strange discussion, I know, but we were tripping on the holy nature music after all. Sometimes the room would be glowing white or green, and I could see myself sitting on some huge living treelike, structure. The psychodelic colored pieces of cloth we had lying around began to melt into our skin, but in a comfortable way, like it was growing onto us. When I removed it, I remember seeing the pattern on it still on my pants and shirt.

We got up and about after finishing our nature/love trip, tripping down the stairs and outside. This is where things got stranger. We stood and looked at the moon for what seemed like hours. I saw the moon attached to a small stream of cloud.. And suddenly the moon flew with raging speed across the sky, dragging a long thin cloud with it. We looked at this phenomena for quite a while, while I discovered clouds flying backwards and bending into unwholesome shapes before my eyes. We kept walking, when I suddenly keeled over, looking into the sky. D said I freaked him out, because where I lay looked like the burn-mark of a man that has burned to death on the field. I apologized to him, but kept watching the skies. Then I asked D if this had any importance, and he said the visions could often tell you something about yourself. I nodded, and took it that the skies ripping so quickly across the sky in neutral colors meant that I had to get on with my life, no matter what obstacles lay before me.

I gave all my valuables and loose objects to L, before trying something I suddenly longed for. Howling and running on my four limbs. I startled D slightly, but he thought it was okay. At this point my thought processes had changed drastically. I knew I was some beast, walking hunched over, and snarling while my long hair fell in my eyes. D eyed me warily, but accepted what I was doing, and I suddenly felt that I could read his thoughts. He later explained that he felt the same way when looking into my eyes.

I returned to normal when we reached the freeway, and D said he saw, what normally was a pile of huge crates stacked by the roadside, an Inca temple. I went to take a piss on this temple, I couldn't see what it was, but suddenly the wall made sounds.. Could be words, but I'm not sure. I think this is where my trip crossed from lvl 3 to 4, but it descalated quickly again. I could suddenly hear the singing, or perhaps crying of a young woman, clearly coming from below the asphalt on the road. I fell down on my face, patting and soothing the road. I even kissed it, and L and D started laughing at me. I'm sceptical at heart, so I cannot say for sure wether this was a religious experience, but it could be a nature spirit feeling hurt this close to the city, if one is inclined to believe in such things.

We went on, and walked through a couple streets, seeing the weirdest stuff. A peugeot sign on a car shop writhing and howling, and some huge building complexes moving around on the ground. I kicked a crushed beercan on the road, and the echo came from above us and behind us, instead of the place the can struck the street. We tried kicking it a couple times, laughing as we got the same result.

After that we walked down a parking cellar, tripping over the great wide spaces, and walking into a deserted elevator shaft. This was really freaky, the room felt like it didn't really exist, like we were stepping into some surreal locale in our brain. There were huge icicles hanging from the roof, we tried breaking them off, and in our hands they were warm as they melted, not cold at all. We all remember feeling like this when we discussed it afterwards. After that we smoked a joint, and moved into a very unnerving high/stoned portion of the trip as we moved about. All the way from the cellar to the Burger King we were very agitated. We discussed something in the cellar, which I for the life of me can't remember what was, and all the way we walked this sort of haunted us, so we couldn't relax or be happy. I could barely communicate with the poor BK clerk, but I got my whopper, and from there we walked home and watched some TV, before falling over on a matress. Even in D's room, there were visuals. The next day I felt a little off but otherwise great and refreshed, changed forever by my knowledge of the other side.

If you like, you can rate my trip, or come with comments on my ICQ 26812940


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