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In aw of the huge neon letters.

Substances: Mushrooms, Cannabis
By: Sammy Co

6:00pm Two weeks ago
Me and 7 friends got a ride to the movies with two things, a big bag of weed and an even bigger bag of mushrooms. Having spent almost all our money we didnt have enough to get into the theatre, of course we tried to sneak in and then of course we got kicked out.
The moment we realized what just happened the mushrooms kicked in for everone almost simutaniously, we began laughing got some food laughed some more when finally there was idea throwen up "lets smoke some weed"...

Now this was the real begining of the night we had already been at the movies for about 3 hours at this point and people began getting calls to come home:( deppressed and comeing down off mushrooms we sat there infront of the theatre looking at it in aw of the huge neon letters. Our crew of 8 was then down to 4 and just like any other stoners we decided to get high. We went into a ally near the theatre.
After smoking two joints we began laughing we were FUCKED. I sat there looking at the shadow of my friends face when i began to see what facial expression he was making threw his shadow. I drifted on to a different friends shadow and stared at his hand i began seeing his bones threw his shadow when I finnally checked my watch.

It was 2:30am now this may not seem so bad for everyone but when your in grade 9...your just fucked


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