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Invision a swarm of bees surrounding my face

Substances: Cannabis Shrooms Vicatin Alcohol
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OK, now I had felt stoned before this experience, just never like this. I had been smoking the sweet cheeba for about 2 months when my friend came up on an eigth of shrooms and asked if I wanted some. Having never tried shrooms I immediately said, "Hell Yes!!" After smoking about 2 grams between us we decided to break into the shroom stash. Being used to the almost immediate effects of weed I was a little upset that I didnt feel anything right away and I thought maybe its like weed, not the first time. But after about 20 minutes, all I can say is OH MY FUCKING GOD! I have never experienced anything so intense in my life. I remember seeing a little green leprechaun hopping around yelling obsenities, and then a beast in the shape of a lion, only purple and gold, jumped through my buddy's face and swallowed the leprechaun whole.

Now while this was all going on, my friend decided to open his stash of vicatin and invite these four girls over and party. Seeing as this wasn't my house and I didnt have to worry about it, I was all for it. As soon as the girls arrived I had begun to come down from the intense shroom trip and go into a dazed state. This is when i took the vicatin. At this point, I had done a gram of headsmoke and about 3 caps. When that vicatin came down, I could have sworn it was an immediate feeling of absolutely nothing. Also the girls had brought over a liter of JD's and a 24-pack of corona. By the end of the night we were all in his basement jumping on his mom's mini excersizing trampoline seeing who could make the biggest noise when their head hit the ceiling. I shit you not this is what really happened, and this isnt even the intense part.

At about 4 in the morning I have the bright idea of heading outside seeing as I thought there was sunshine out. The minute I step outside, I invision a swarm of bees surrounding my face and my face exploding. Now I am plain freaking out. Then it hits me that I have to go to my house. This was something I was not prepared for. As I began my journey my legs gave out and I was soon to a crawl. After this point I have absolutely no clue what was going on and the only reason I know what happened before this is my buddy has a web cam that he had on in his basement that caught all of the action except the experience of outdoors, which my buddy told me about. The only thing I remember about it is the hallucinations and the hangover. And this is my experience of my first real high!

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