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I puked soo much it plugged my sink

Substances: Cannabis
By: Jeff
E-mail: un_known97@hotmail.com

well...me and my friends went to the train tracks to get high...when we got there i pulled a baggie out and my friends did too. my friend pull a bong out and packed it. they let me have the first hoot because i had the weed. so i took my hoot and held it in...breathing heavenly. it went around and around again until i felt something. i felt a lil headache and i thought that aint good. so i took about 10 more hoots and i fell in my own lil world.it fely like i wass happy all the time and i couldnt close my mouth. i looked at my friends eyes and they were so dielated and we looked for aabout 5 minutes and started to laugh...i couldnt stop laughing and i dont no why...then we had another bowl and i was lost i dont even remeber walking home. well we got back in town and i was walking to my home...well it turned out to be the school but i kinda found my way home...i got home and ate sooo much that i felt sick...me and my friend sat on the couch watching this show i dont remember..but a fe minutes later i puked all over my couch...i ran to my bathroom and i puked soo much it plugged my sink.my friend came in to see what i was doing..he looked and i laughed soooo hard that i forgot why i was laughing..i saw that i puked all over my jacket...i dont think my friend was high anymore but i told him to cleanit up because im high and my parents are soon going to be home..so he did and i have no fuckin clue wat happend after that but i woke up and i remembered everything...it was awesome WWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

smoke up.

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