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I really saw an Alien spaceship

Substances: Cannabis

It was January 17th, Me and my friend Sean were the only ones who decided to smoke that night, so we had our friend Tyler drive us over to my main dealer so Sean and I coul buy a dub. We got the dub, it smelled great, some nice local stuff. We then drove back to Nolans house, and saw that many good friends were there, just hanging out and drinking. God, the most beutiful girls were there... Amazing! We'll I'll try to stay on topic. So me and sean stepped outside and smoked 3 or 4 bowls and saved the rest for later. We chilled, talked, the usual things... I got kind of bored, so I stepped outside with a girl named Nancy, (so damn hot!) we talked and looked up into the dark winter sky. Then out of nowhere a large vapor trail appears and looks as if it was about 50 feet above us, I was quite interested in the vapor trail so I called people out to see it, they saw it and didnt think much of it, but then as everyone was heading back inside I continued to stare at the vapor trail and all of a sudden a huge white flash came about and a small, white, shimmering light flew across the sky, maybe 25 - 30 feet above my head, no sound at all! It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life (besides Nancy of course)... The flash had caught the attention of everyone there and we were all infatuated by the spectacle of fast moving light across the sky. I really saw an Alien spaceship I believe. Sean and I were the only ones to smoke and EVERYONE saw it! Now I realize this was pointless because I was supposed to write something that happened while I was under the influence of marijuana because of the marijuana, not just because I am a crazy Bastard! Oh well...

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