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I saw alot of fuckin trees

Substances: Cannabis
By: jorge
E-mail: lil_layziebone2000@hotmail.com

I was chillin in my freinds back yard wit 5 of my freinds n my cuzun all sittin on a chair in a circle. We was smokin crippy lased on coc so we was smokin n smokin n smokin.
When we was on our 4th fat ass joint i looked behind me cuz i heard a noise n theirs only 1 tree their but i saw alot of fuckin trees.

So i was like oh shit were are we n my freind D looked at me n said some were i dont know.
I'm blasted all of a sudden i juss heard nottin but quietness n i thought i was in da blair witch n i screamed it out n everybody kinda fell into my trip so we all started runnin arond n fuckin cryin n my cuzunz screamin run run i gotem save ur elf i gottem n my trip juss went boom.

Ii saw my cuzun holdin tha only tree in da yard n i started laughin my ass off on da floor while everyone was runnin tryin to leave tha yard but couldnt find an exit.
It was triiiiiiiiippy but goooood. After evryone calmed down we all started talkin bout it n laughin. But that shit was triiiiiiiippy.

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