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I saw faces in the trees

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Chris
E-mail: TwoSmokinBarrels@aol.com

In summer one day me and my friend Will were bored an decided to purchise some shrooms from Wills older brother John(Who was big stoner). We maneged to put together $35 and gave it to Wills brother asking him to get us some Shrooms that day. Wills brother didn't end up getting them until the next day but it was well worth the wait. After we got the shrooms from his brother we went over to Kyles house and everyone was toking up over there so me and Will decided to eat are Shrooms there. After we ate them everyone walked to subway because they had massive munchies. When we all got there me and Will were still waiting patiently for the shrooms to start kicking in. The shrooms finally started to kick in on the walk back to kyles house. I first started noticing it when I started to see wierd trails in front of leading nowere and then People in trees throwing red apples at me. At this point I knew the shrooms had kicked in.

I kind of started to get nervious when I saw faces in the trees and started yelling Im not scared of you, and the tree said why, and I yelled back because Im Tripping. This started to make everyone laugh. I then smoked several ciggarets and started to calm down when we got back to kyles. Me and Will were still tripping when we went back to his house and went in his room. At about 9 P.M I got tired and decided to go home and go to bed, but when I was in my bed I just couldn't fall asleep for some reason or another. Then In the nirvana poster in my room Kirt Kobaine walked and said hey and when I looked back at the poster it looked like kirt kobaine had been cut out. I asked him some questions but I only remember one and it was what does in utero mean(in utero was a nirvana album) but I don't remeber what his answere was. The next day me and will talked about all the crazy shit we encountered when were off on our trip. By the way I smoke bud too.


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