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I saw frogs hopping all over the floor

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Bob

It was the wednesday that the new lord of the ring film came out and me and a couple of my friends decided to go see the film. I have been wanting to take shrooms for a long time and my friends brother had an oz of some really good ones so he gave us 3 of them. my friend came over to my house and took out the shrooms and he decided he wasnt going to take them, so i said i would take all 3 of them. i ate them up and they tasted like shit. we proceded to smoke 2 dank bowls and a bong. i was in the my friends car as we were on our way to pick up our other 2 friends and i didnt think that the shrooms were going to do anything. as we were in the parking lot of the movie theatre i had the biggest body buzz ever and it felt so good, so i thought ya this is going to be awsome. as i was walking into the movies i saw frogs hopping all over the floor and i was realy fucked up when i realized the the entire english department from my school was there and i had to talk to my english teacher as i was all fucked up. at about this time i started to get a little worried because of all the shit that was going through my head. finally i got to my seat in the theatre and this is when it really hit me.

Once the movie started and i saw all of the goblins and the noises it really freaked me out so i decided i had to leave the movie. i got up and left the theatre to find my self pointlessly walking through the parking lot for my friends car for no reason and i got lost and it took me 15 minutes to get back to the movie. finally i got back in the movie and found my seat. i tried watching the movie a little more but i was to fucked up and i got my friends car keys and found his car and went inside it. i was sitting there for about an hour when i thought i needed to get out for some reason and i locked my self out of the car. after all that i just sat outside the car for anoth 2 hours and waited for them to get back. it was a very fucked up evening.

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