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I saw jesus

Substances: Cannabis
E-mail: icequeen_838@hotmail.com

Ok, so it was the end of the year party, my 9th grade year to be exact. Ok i wasnt even planning on going to this party and to be honest i didnt want to go..yeah now u all think im crazy right? well there was gonna be some serious stoners there and i wasnt one of them in fact that night was gonna be my first night toking and i was just gonna do it alone somewhere u know just till i got the hang of it, but then my friend convinced me i didnt have a choice i had to come (i had nothing to smoke it in) so i was like ok ill try and come. I arrived at the party two hours late (some stupid church thing delayed me) and it was 9 when i got there ppl were already pretty messed up ..smoke now drink later....so i was like sweet and when i pulled out my shit everyone kinda was like huh? in confusion as to why me would be in ownership of drugs.

So my friend smoked with me and taught me how to inhale and shit like that and i was getting pretty upset i wasnt feelin n e thing...ppl kept tellin me that sometimes u dont get high on ur first time smoking and i was just like shit. so i went with jessica to go upstairs to the guest room to check on my friend amanda (amanda was the one that had convinced me to go to this party) she had takin some really ill shit and it really made her trip..a really bad trip she was barley responding to n e thing we said..and so after assuring ourselfs that she was alive we made our way back down the stairs to the party i sat there and toked up somemore..still nothing...went upstairs to check on amanda ...came back down...smoked somemore..nothing..now by now i had smoked A LOT like i dont even remember i was prolly down there smoking for liek 2-3 hours (but dont take my word on that i had no real sense of time) so about 5 of us went upstairs to check on amanda again adn i was just kinda taking my time walking slowly behind them and by the time i made it to the room she was in i could hear ppl panicking...screaming amandas name trying to get her to respond to something but she wasnt...i started to freak out (which prolly started my trip) and finally someone shouted as loud as they could "AMANDA!!" and she replied with an annoyed "what?"

Woo i was relived and when everyone else left she asked me why ppl were screaming her name i started to tell her then i just all of a sudden started laughin without control totally tripping like major.. and shes liek whats wrong why r u laughing? and i just walked out of the room adn tryed to make my way down the dark hallway but i was seeing two of everything and the second vision of everything was twisted and distorted i remembering walking(with much difficulty) down the hallway into the dark living room into then dim lit dining room through the brightly lit kitchen (the entre way saying "oh shit" "oh fuck" repeatidly while laughing hard) then when i finally got to the basement stairs i ran down them, which gave me a huge rush. i ran in front of ashley and jason sitting on the couch and i collapsed on the floor laughing harder than ive ever laughed be4.

jason wanted to know what was so funny. and i couldnt even talk i just sat there laughing/crying shaking my head hoping hed get the message that nothing was funny i just was high. and he just goes "omg u r so stoned" and that just made me laugh even harder...i dont remember much of that i just remember a few things like saying stupid shit that made no sense i remember some really stoned kid took off all his clothes and left and when i went outside his clothes were in a pile on the handrail going around the deck i remember saying "oh someone left there clothes here" and i felt the clothes and they were wet and i go "and they r wet" we walk around to the side of the deck and sit down on some chairs and there was a light shining off the back of someones garage and spilling onto a shit loada gravel that was in my friend who was having the party's backyard.

and it looked liek water to me and i go "oh thats why those clothes were wet, theres a pool. we should go swimming" and matt looks behind him to were i was staring and he goes "thers no pool there" and im like "oh ok" lol and then somehow i got back into the house into the basement and there was jason going up the stairs from the basement with ashley behind him and me behind her. jason proceeds to take the 8th step and totally moves his leg too early and misses the step by alot which makes him fall which makes ashley fall which makes me fall...i seriously just layed on the floor and laughed for liek 20 min and then i was in the living room talking to "lori" and 10 min later lori walks in the room and i ask her if she was just in the room and she said no and then i explained to her my "conversation" with her jason starts laughing so hard and goes "that never happened" and my friend amanda who was dieing in the guest room the one who we had to keep checking on came outside

when there was a bunch of us on the deck and told us that if we promised not to laugh shed tell us soemthing we said ok what then she goes "i saw jesus" omg we all started laughin so hard so ashley and jason go outside her window when she goes back to bed and put lighters under their faces and shouted through the window that they were jesus lol she freaked out. oh that was the best party of my life and i know more happened i just cant remember what except for when i ran around behind the couch and tackled someone who i thought was in my seat on the couch and um no one was there so i just ended up filpping over the couch and landing on the floor..hahah that was as high as ive ever been and i hope to one day soon get that high again...lol sorry for going on but i had to let that out keep smoking peace

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