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I showed him my boobs

Substances: Cannabis
By: Kate Aka Little Flower
E-mail: sexyshroom420@hotmail.com
Webpage: http://geocities.com/wearealldreamers/index.html

I was in the woods me and a bunch of guys. And sence I was the only girl it was kinda weird because i got all the special privlages. So I got the first hit, right?? k, k. Then we are passing the pipe around and we got stoned. K? normal...well then later on that night when it starts to get dark I meet this hippy guy Charlie who is just amazingly phat and well hes like shit girl you smoke? and i was like ummm yeah.... still dazed in confusing. So we went by the lake and hes like ok me and Andrew here have one thing. If you want to smoke with us you have to show us your boobs. Of course, me, stoned, hot guys, i aggreed. So We smoked up, I was stoned off my ass. And I show him my boobs. No biggy. Well I dont remeber really what I did. I just remeber people and I layed down on the grass and watched the trees. Then I stood up and I reliezed I didnt know where I was. I freaked out. And I knew I was at my friends house but I couldnt find it. I thought I was in her back yard which had vanished. And She lives right across the street from a millitary academy so theres cops in her yard all the time.

I finally found the back yard (which i was in the whole time only didnt realize it) and foudn a group of people. Who ididnt know. I sat down there and just watched them realizeing how stupid people are. Then some cop jumps out onto of the people who are stoned and starts screaming put your hands behind your back shut up, and stuff. I FREAKED! Considerign I already had a close encounter with the cops. Then I realized it was just another kid at the party. I felt so stupid. So I moved away from them and sat by the fire. I was sitting there and some kid next to me is like. Whos socks are these? I look at my feet and i realize...I dont have any socks on. And I jump up in fround of a circle of compltly sober people and scream "THATS MY SOCK! I TOK THEM OFF BEFORE THAT HAS TO BE MY SOCK!" Then the kid pulls me down to the ground and says,..."Actaully I was just messing around there sonjas socks" and apparently everyone else knew that. So I felt stupid once again and left. Walked up towards the house to go get food. And saw her dad inside screaming! Drugs! In my back yard! Thats it whos responcible. I FREAKED OUT and I ran to a group of kids playing hacki sack and just sat there. Then I realized, her dads not even fucken home. Get a hold of your self.

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