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I started peeing

Substances: Cannabis
By: Ashley

Kay, well I was with my best friend, my sister (younger) and her best friend about a year ago. We went to this park on a night that my parents went out and smoked for about twenty minutes. Well, we began our journey home (ten minute walk) and ended up in hysterics in the street. Apparently my best friend and my sister's best friend hadn't gotten as high as my sister and I. Well, we're suddenly in the middle of this neighborhood and my sister TAKES OFF running down the street, hollering some sort of nonsense. Well I'm like watching her and CRACKING up, suddenly, I start peeing, and it was the hardest thing to control ever. I was wearing pink, silk PJ's and i totally soaked them and I had to squish squash the rest of the way home laughing linked to my best friend's arm. We went back and found my sister laying down on a sidewalk in front of her friend's house in the neighbor.

That was the funniest as all hell time in my life!


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