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I swear this huge cactus was chasing me

Substances: Cannabis
By: Vanessa Peabody
E-mail: vpeabs17@aol.com

one summer me and my 3 best friends emily alex and kelly were at some tourist peoples house we had met earlier. we had been there from 6 pm tp 430 am just smokin blunts and playin spades. We wernt just smokin the blunts we were playin baseball which is when u take a hit but cant let it out till it gets back to u and everytime someone lets it out u have to take another hit and hold it. there were 8 people there and it quickly turned into 3 one of them being me i got more stoned than i have ever been in my life. On the way home we were reallly thirsty and at a lil cottage by the beach enterance i saw a cooler and i decided to open it to see if i could get a drink, inside was lotsa beer and smirnoff ice, so we emptied out eemilys bag and took it all we were all walking down the street drinking and when we were all pretty shitfaced we saw the animal hositals sprinklers were on, thought that might b fun so we all started runnin n jumpin around in the sprinklers.

After they went off we were soaked and decided to take off our clothes and come back to get them in the morning bc they were too heavy. so now we are walkin down the street in our underwear and we all start singing we are the world really really loud and we hear some thing getting attacked or something and then we see two wolves runnin across the street and they stop and stare at us. so we all start to run even tho i said not to and they all start to chase after us. i knew of a shed we could all go in. and we did once we got into the shed we looked out the window, no wolves so we came outta the shed. it started to rain and we were back trackin through peoples yards to get there quicker when i swear this huge cactus was chasing me and tripped me and i fell on it and a fence fell on me i got up and i had tons of needles in the back of my legs, but i couldnt feel them , i didnt even think i had been hurt until emily was walking behind me and said "V ur legs are gushing blood!"

So i was lookin down at them and pretty soon i was standing in a puddle of blood. someone elses sprinklers was on so i went and washed the blood off and pulled out mosta the needles and started walking again. NOw as if things could get any worse a cop comes up behind us and asks us what we are doin. we are all naked wet drunk high and im gushing blood. he tells us to get in the car and he will bring us home. emily cant remember how to get to her house and he knows we are all drunk so we go to my house and the cop wants to talk to my dad. my dad flipped the fuck out. and he looks like dick on third rock from the son so it was fuckin hilarious and none of us could stop laughing

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