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I swore i could hear water and dolphins in my backyard

Substances: Cannabis
By: Lee
E-mail: leeolney666@hotmail.com

Sittin down the local park tokin away on a phat zut as we just bought a quarter of white widow.
The smoke was goin fine all havin a laugh buzzin out of our nuts until we all decided too go home.......... not a good idea ! walking home by urself buzzin out of ur head on white widow = alot of paranoia and trippin. I could hear people in each bush and tree planning too kill me n trippy shit like that when i got home and into my bedroom i swore i could hear water and dolphins in my backyard so i took a look and saw nothing but still the sound carried on and i tried too sleep again then i had a strange sense of fear come over me and thinkin sum1 is goin too climb up my drain pipe thru my window and into my room too kill me so i got up n closed my window n layed back down. I woke up down stairs on the sofa in the morning and i dont know how i got there...... (I also walked 5 minutes with my eyes closed on white widow before didnt realise i was walkin with my eyes closed :D) Pure buzzin
big up too da people get buzzin n wrappin your zuts

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