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It cost me my marriage but it was worth it

Substances: Cannabis
By: Wendy Smith

My first experience of weed ended up costing me my marriage, not that i really cared but it was a crazy experience, I was having an affair with my now fiance, Terry, 5 years ago. He has smoked the stuff since he was 17, and is now 47, I'd never touched any type of drug before that wasn't prescribed, but was really down one morning, I went to see Terry, He'd already got one on the go, so when he offered it to me, i took it, i had two toots off it and passed it back.

About 10 minutes later my brother-in-law,Davy, who knew about the affair, came to give me a lift home, i felt fine and had forgotten that i'd had any of it, we kissed goodbye and off i went in my Davys van.

A few minutes later i started feeling wierd, and started talking to myself in my head, i was telling myself to tell my husband about Terry, i started to panik and told Davy that i felt wierd, i was seeing the vehicles around us getting very close, i was terrified, i thought i was going out of my mind, i still didn't remember about the weed, Davy paniked too and decided to take me to their house where my sister Sam was, I was getting quite hysterical because i really thought i was going out of my mind.
About 20 minutes later Davy clicked that he smelt it at Terrys when he picked me up.
I can't tell you how relieved i was, My husband was phoning my mobile all the time and i daren't answer,
i eventually went home, he was suspicious that i was having an affair, and constantly accused me, So now I'm 5 years into my relationship with Terry and we are the happiest couple i know, We smoke it most evenings to wind down and always smoke it all weekend, So although it probably cost me my marriage, BELIEVE ME.... IT WAS WORTH IT.

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