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I thought i felt like jesus

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Derek Barrus
E-mail: stonedfatkid@aol.com

Well it was like two weeks ago that we had ran out of weed on a saturday night, so this kid we were with who had mad cash, didn't smoke weed any more,(he doesn't like the idea of smoke, but he'll eat it) so i only had 10 bucks, and we wanted to do something with ernie, because we missed smoking with him, so we asked if he wanted to do shrooms(none of us have done anything else before, and we only do natural things) and he said ok, and marks brother, went to get them, he came back at 11:40 pm,and he bought 200 bucks worth, and he gave them to us, we ate them at 11:50, and they were like the grossest thing i have ever eaten, and we drank oj with them, and we waited, and waited, and waited, and nothing happened. so at 2:20 am my friend said fuck this, we said they sucked, we got ripped off, and he went to bed.

Me and ernie just were gonna, and i was on the floor looking at my friends snake, and he looked real, like 3d, but i thought nothing of it, then i thought maybe i'm tripping, so we went into marks room and the lights were off, he was in bedding with a huge grin, giggling, and then it hit us all, and we watched i love the 80's, for like 4 hours, laughing at absolutely everything, and then he shut off the tape, and we were just channel surfind when there was this infomerrcial that was at the end and there was this tiger on an air bed, and this guy and girl were sitting in a chair near the tiger and slowly backing away, ernie is dying, laughing at this and me and mark are just looking at the screen and then mark says in a funny loud, but not yelling voice,"OH LOOK HERE'S OUR FRIEND ALAN" and
we lughed so hard, i seriously thought i was gonna die from laughing, and ernie just couldn't even make any noise, he just was dark red, shaking, so then i went downstairs, and when i walked into the kitchen i felt that i was on a set path, and i felt great, i went to the bathroom and turned japenese, then went back into the kitchen, and made a hot pocket, and while i was waiting for it to be done, i looked outside and the sun was barely coming up, it was still dark out, it was like 5:00, and i had such a positive outlook upon the world, and i thought i felt like jesus, so then i went upstairs and mark and ernie were out like a light, so i woke up mark, and he put in the lost boys, and we fell asleep,oh yeah, along this whole trip, we all had flashes of being hot, and our stomachs had little mild pain that passed, stick to weed though, peace, toke- D

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