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I threw up 3 times

Substances: Triple C

Never do Tripple C, I learned the hard way, for those of you that don't know what triple c is, it is Coricidin Cough and Cold tablets that you overdose on to get really high. My story takes place my freshmen year in highschool in the football locker room. I was on the freshmen football team and it was the last game of the season and me and my friend Kyle didn't play that much so on the bus to the football game we both took a large amount of the triple C tablets. The effects of the drug didn't kick in until 15 minnutes before the game. It was kind of creeping up on me, and I had light headed feelings. But for my friend Kyle, who was skinnier than me, the effects came much sooner. about 5 minnutes before the game he started to throw up in the center of the field in front of the referee. I was a little confused and scared so I yelled to him "Kyle what are you doing, get off the field". After a while some teamates helped him to the bench were he sat. The effects fully kicked in for me when I sat down on the bench next to him. I felt like my head was in a fishbowl filled with water, this feeling was really discomforting so I walked to the outhouse just when the game and started and just walked around in it, feeling pissed off at myself for taking the drug. When I came back to the bench the horrible feelings of the drug were still with me. Then after hering a kid laugh in slow motion on the bench I threw up 3 times. good thing I was sitting next to my friends and me and Kyle both told them about the stupid thing we had done. After what felt like a week the game was finnally over and we were on the bus. On the bus ride colars were very bright and lights were blurry. On the bus ride though I realized that it felt good to punch myself in the face and kept amusing myself with that until we got back to our school. When we all got off the bus Kyle just walked home with all his stuff and didn't even get his back pack. Back at school the drug was starting to get not as harsh even though I was so gone. When we turned in all of our equipment I was still really gone. After I managed to turn in my equipment my friend Tim told me that my pupils were so diolated, but I didn't care, I just felt like shit and wanted to go home. When I was home I had homework to do because it was a thurseday night, but couldn't do any of it and tried going to sleep. But It was very difficult because I kept getting 5 minnute hullucinations whenever I closed my eyes and tried going to sleep, and then waking up after the short hullucinations. The next mourning I woke up and still felt the effects of the drug and ate nothing for breakfast. School was very different. I was very quite and didn't say anything. In study hall I drew a pictue of myself in a cage crying. During lunch I still had no appitite and ate nothing. After school I talked to Kyle and he said "never again" to this day we both havent touched any chemical like drugs. Just Alchohol, Weed, and Shrooms.

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