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Its friday lets get fucked up

Substances: Cannabis

I was heading home from work at around 4pm...i met one of my friends out in the parking lot..he says "hey man its friday lets get fucked up" i thought he wanted to go to the liquor store or something...nah he had something different in mind....he pulled out a fat sac of dope...prolly about a 1/2LB....8 oz....but it was really compressed down to almost nothing to be 8 oz..he went on to tell me that the person he purchased it from attempted to soak the homegrown in wild turkey and then dehydrate it back..to give it flavor....which was a decent idea...but not only did he add in wild turkey...he threw 151 in with it and some acid heavily diluted then dehydrated it and compressed it....i was a little weary about smoking some cracked up shit like that but what the fuck it was friday....so i smoked the fuck out of it....i was fine for about 45 minutes or so...after that..every sound i heard was like a stereo effect to my ears....and my brain just could not communicate and work with me on figuring out what the fuck was going on... i was extremely dumbfounded...but i liked it a lot....i sat in his acura just watching everything...but i could not put it together...i had random thoughts going through my head....shapes and patterns and such and it was altering my visual perception...i mean i seen that there was nothing there..but my brain was saying that there was and i couldnt put 2 and 2 together....its kinda hard to explain...it last for about 4 hours....ery sound i heard sound like it was miles away and it just made me wanna go "huh" and when i said anything or made any sound whatsoever this vibrating in my neck would have my whole head tingling so hard that i would not be able to hold it up...not to mention the increased decibals on my breathing LOL and the extreme paranoia....crazy shit...best shit i have ever smoked

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