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It took about 10 minutes for me to open the door

Substances: Acid
By: Mike Schruba

When i was 15 my best friend and I were rollin' around in his car, and he asked me if i had ever done acid, I said no, and he asked if I wanted to. Me, being the type that will do anything said sure, why the fuck not. He pulled out a little vial of liquid acid, he told me to put it underneath my eyelid, so i did it, when i started trippin' everything was soo cool, all around me were these little dots floatin' around my body. I thought i was going to be sick so I asked him to stop the car. I tried to get out of the car but i couldn't grab the door handle, it took about 10 minutes for me to open the door, when i got out of the car, I looked back at my friend and his face was drippin' onto his lap, and i started to shake real bad, cuz' it scared the shit outta me, and next thing i know his whole face just up and disenigated into white powder like coke, and all that was left were his teeth and his gums just floatin' there. Well, I totally flipped out and then his face was back to normal, after that i asked him to take me home, that was my first xperience on liquid acid. But it was great, I loved it.

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