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I turn around and there is ...

Substances: Cannabis
By: Troy
E-mail: tmitch86#hotmail.com

I was out chillin with some friends, when i decided to head home. I was still pretty high when i got in the door, but the walk home took alot outta me and i was pretty pooched. I took off my jacket and went down and noticed the tv was on and the movie Jay and Silent Bob strike Back was playing. So i sit down on the floor about 2 feet from the tv and just start laughing my ass of. After about 5 minutes of this, i turn around and there is my entire family, my dad, mom and my sisters just sitting there staring at me, wondering what the hell i was doing, apparently i had been blocking their veiw, but the thing is, i didnt even know they were there. It was definately a true stoned moment for me.

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