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It was the best thing i ever felt in the whole world

Substances: Cannabis
By: Slim
E-mail: nick1@maine.rr.com

Well i live in maine and since we all have no lives we smoke weed when ever we can! i have awhole group of friends that i smoke with and i got my dealer that always gets me alittle to high! well lets see, my first time gettin high was with my friends CRAZY room mate! this guy was a madd stoner! it was my birthday so he was gonna give me a gift! well me being a smart ass i told em i could out smoke em, he took out a bag of puple buds and started packin a bowl, we smoked about 6 bowls and i was done i couldnt handle anymore, that being my first time i was scared, i got up stairs and just layed on my friends floor starrin at the funny things i was seeing, well from that night on i been smokin for 3 years now, and the second time i ever got high my friend told me to try to fly, me thinkin i could,i did, i ran up and down the road tryin to fly, but we were down in like a marshy grass place.

So we started to walk back to his house to get food and he saw his mom, he told me to quick hide, my fastest re-action was SHIT and i hoped into a ditch, well it didnt work and she looked down and asked my friend why i was slumped over in the ditch, i quickly said i was tiein my shoe! but now i have a tent behind my house where we all smoke when ever we want to get high, ill never forget all the great memories weed has given me. the best was when i had sex with some girl right after smoking, it was the best thing i ever felt in the whole world, i mean sex is good right, but on weed its 10 times better!!!! i smoked some good bud this one time in my life and i watched my clock from 11:00 am to 12:00 am the next mornin thinkin it might do some kind of trick, but it didnt! i have soo many tales to tell but for now i leave you with this!

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