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I was laying in pine trees and talking with ghosts

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Injected Paradise
E-mail: irish_ice23@hotmail.com

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went to some park and stood on this hill that was flat at the top, and I was looking down at it and it looked like one of those horiscope suns........when we went to leave I couldn't figure out how to get off the hill, so I sat there and thought about it for the longest time while my friends tried to show me how, then finally I just rolled off it.......then we walked down to this school where they were doing construction, and there was this thing that lifts ppl into the air to a higher point of the building. well we thought it was a giant spring, so we were climbing around on it, but I never wanted to because it looked like it was dipped into oil or something.......next thing you know 2 of my friends put htis fence thing over their head and started chasing me with it, I thought they were aliens.

Finally we left and walked down to where this church was, and we went in behind where this little walk way was, we seen this huge arched door, and we thought that you had to figure out some kinda code to get in, and as we were looking at it someone saw a huge plant in the window, and to me it looked like a monster and was trying to get out to attack us......so we all ran away, then we ended up at some old folks home that wasn't finished being built, we walked around inside where there was alot of dirt and insulation packages all over the ground. the dirt looked like a lake of mud, so we thought we had to walk over the insulation to get across, finally we got out and climbed this ladder up to the roof, but I just sat there at the top of the ladder because I couldn't get over some boards. my friends went and smoked a doobie, and I closed my eyes and had this weird vision that I was laying in pine trees and talking with ghosts.....freaky.

Then we all went back down, one of my friends found a bunch of stringy stiro foam, and he wrapped himself in and tackled me, and then he cornered a friend and told him that if he never gave him his head he would take his shoes. I sat there and looked at him and then looked over and found a rock that I thought was a head and I gave it to him. then we walked up town with this rock that we thought was a head, and everyone kept on staring at us..........after that I started coming to the peak of my high, but I kept on blacking out or something, and half the time I never knew what I was doing or how I was getting to certain places.........and then this thought hit me, I thought i was still in school so i wanted to go back and get my school work, friends wouldnt let me, so i kept wondering why I hang out with them, where my house is, who my mom was, where are all the cars, oh wait a minute I'm in space..........all these things kept going through my mind, finally we went home and listend to music for the rest of the night.....I would get into more detail but it takes too long, it lasted 8hrs and I only ate half of an 8th........intense trip

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