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I was sittin upside-down on the fuckin ceiling

Before school me and Jordan were in a path near our school and we decided to eat some mushrooms before goin to class. So we each ate our fare share. I hadn't felt nothin till I got in my music class were I sat at the back of the class and felt like I was sittin upside-down on the fuckin ceiling watchin over everbody.
Every body was makin lots of noise and shit and I was so damn high I felt like I was gonna puke and I kept lookin over to the right at the garbage can sittin beside me. I made it threw the class without pukin but at the end of the class I had to get my hepatitic C shot cuz I wasn't there when everyone else got em. I sat down in this small room and the nurse pulled out this needle, it was like fuckin 3 feet long!All the sounds and things around me was fucked up and I kept seing wierd shit!
Finally she stuck the massive thing in my arm and pushed the needle closed and everything started to make sense again. I could hear normal and see normal and the needle shrunk to about 10 times its size! The shot took away my highness!!

YA never DO needles OR chemicles!!!
Stick to natures harvest!



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