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I woke up and had bullshit drawn all over me

Substances: Cannabis
By: Brandi
E-mail: Bluestars04@aol.com
Webpage: http://www.xanga.com/kittykat88

I have never been so high in my life. i have been smokin weed for almost 5 years now. i started very young, 12 to be exact, and i have never been higher than this one crazy night. it was 1 year ago and i was at my boyfriends house. he was having a party. i smoked 2 blunts to the head and me and like 5 other people smoked like 4 together. well josh(my boyfriend) and i got into a fight about him drinking tequila(he always gets sick from it). i was so stoned i was just like fuck you, its over! i didn't feel bad at all. when he started trippin on me i just laughted my ass off which made him even more mad so i told my friend joe that i wanted to leave. so me and joe, jeremiah, billy,and krybly told josh that we were leaving. josh wanted to come along and joe couldn't tell him no b/c we were goin to his house and him and josh are bestfriends.

So when we got to joes we were all just chillin and i was tryn to stay away from josh. all of the sudden joe's dad came in and was like "y'all wanna smoke some ganja?". so naturally we were like hell yeah. then we smoked like 4 joints w/ him and he went to bed. by this time i was so fryed, i didn't even realize what was goin on. then joe and josh start goin shot for shot w/ tequila and vodka. they had chasers, cans of coke to be exact. i know that neither of them can hang either so i was scared someone was gonna spew all over. then these 2 guys came over that i didn't know and they had this weed, and omg, it was beautiful! the most georgeious weed that i had ever seen. they all started blazin then it came to me and i knew that i was way to high to smoke any more but i couldn't punk out. it would make me look bad, so i smoked like a chimeny! after about 2 joints, i couldn't even pick up my arm to hold the joint so joe held it to my lips for me. about an hour passed and the strangers left.

I was layin on the couch and joe and josh still goin shot for shot i asked joe if i could have a drink of his coke. he was like yeah, you can have the rest. so i was all about that, i had cotton mouth like a bitch. but come to find that joe had been spittin his shots back into the can and i chugged it!tequila(which i cannot handle), vodka, coke, and spit in a can, really warm, me high as hell, you do the math. after about 10 minutes i felt like i was gonna puke so i ran outside. joe lives in a trailor park so i tryed not to wake the neighbors. but i ran so far away to puke i got lost. i was stranded in the park for like an hour. i couldn't find my way to his trailor for shit. then after about a pack of cigarettes and 5 laps around the trailor park later i finally realized that i had my cell w/ me. duh!! i was so mad. so i called joe and he started trippin. he was all like, where the fuck are you, all i could do was laugh. so he got in his truck w/ billy and krybly and they drove around lookin for me. well come to find out i was 5 trailors down from his and they went to opposite direction. it took them a half hour to find me.

I 4got what his trailor looked like and i didn't recognise my own car! how pittiful!so i walked back to the trailor once they found me and crashed on the kitchen table. it was nice and cold. i woke up and had bullshit drawn all over me w/ a permanent maker. i had a dick on my cheek. it was terrible!! lesson learned: never wonder around a big trailor park when you are fucked up! really, don't do it!

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