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I woke up and my parents were there

Substances: Cannabis
By: Richard

I was at home with my 2 of my mates. We began rolling some spliffsand we had 10 altogether and they were all quite strong. We made a bong out of a plastic coke bottle and used that for the first 5. As I am the best at pulling them (aka creaming it up) I was doing that for them aswell as for myself. Within about 20 minutes those three spliffs had gone and we decided to get rid of the bong. We then went on to the spliffs. We had one each on the go. I was sitting there still looking at the tele and all sorts of strange things were happening on tele. But we all saw different things happening. This was when we realised just how stoned we were. After those spliffs were gone my mates said that they were done and didnt want any more. Not content with mild hallucinations I decided to smoke the other two as well. I unrolled them and made them into one bigger spliff and smoked that. Not feeling too bad afterwards I went and got some food. I then came back and opened the crisps. Then I sat down and closed my eyes.

I lay back and I could feel something sharp going in to my back and into my neck. I got up and checked what was underneath me but there was nothing. I lay back again and closed my eyes. Then I felt as though someone stabbed me through the back of my neck and I thought I could feel it coming through the front of my throat. I got up and walked around for a bit, barely being able to see straight. I dont remember anything more until I woke up and my parents were there and my mates had cleaned up sprayed stuff to get rid of the smell and gone home. My parents asked me why I was asleep and I sat for about 2 minutes thinking of something and then they found the empty coke bottle with holes in. My dad knew what it was straight away. Luckily I wasn't in too much trouble and they didnt mind when I went out the next night and came home completely stoned.

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