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Just floating in nothing

Substances: Cannabis
By: Anne
E-mail: 79wayson@cua.edu

I was smoking in my room one night (alone). I got to the point where I don't remember how many bong hits I had. Then I was sitting in front of my computer and listen to music and I remember feeling that my desk, computer and I were just floating in nothing (if that makes sense). Then something weird happened and my brain like fell asleep and when I woke up I was laying on my bed TALKING ON THEN PHONE to a friend!! All I remember is her saying, "Anne you are smashed." Then she told me to just go to bed and I realized that I thought I may have invited this guy over to my room to hang out but I didn't remember if I really had!!! Then I 'woke' up again and I was washing my face. It turns out the guy did come over and I almost got lost running downstairs to let him in the building. I found out later I kicked him out of my room after 10 mins. I felt so weird that I almost wanted to call 911 later on when I was trying to fall asleep because I was having the feeling where I was wondering if I really existed............freaky.

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