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Just Flying

Substances: Salvia
By: Ehrin
E-mail: Scarface401@aol.com

Ok i was chillin at reggae fest wit my friends, i was smokin this fat blunt (i was 15). So my friend comes up to me with this pipe filled with this black shit, i ask him what it is and he tells me its salvia. I had heard of it before but never trid it, he told me it was safe, so i did. I start takin puffs, and i realize, "this taste like shit" so i take about 4 more puffs, and give it back to him, and procede to smoke my blunt. Im a little mad that it made my mouth taste like dirt, when all of a sudden i get this really heavy feling, like i cant stand, but at the same time, im lifting off the ground. I look at my buddys, and im like what the f***. Then i remember just flying, and i feel like im in one of those old greek movies, like jason and the argonauts, and im floating up to the clouds and chillin wit zeus or some shit like that. This stuff is powerful, i had no clue of my surroundings, unlike weed, where u can still function. Then i guess i just bump into this girl and find myself laying down on the ground. I had forgot completely where i was and the damn blunt had burned a hole in my shirt. Well that was my experience wit salvia, would i do it again?....hell ya.

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