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Kept reaching for a dog that wasn't even there

Substances:Methamphetamine, Mushrooms and Cannabis
E-mail: ScumdogYIG@aol.com

OK it all started the day I got out of jail! I'm in my friends car. Riding home after a 8 month stay in the county jail. when he tells me that his pal has got some Meth, now I had never had meth before so this was exciting news to me! While I was in jail I got my tax return back, only $400.00, but that will last for days while on meth! Anyway we go get the goods! Snort it up and wow I couldn't believe the rush it was like I had not 1 but 50 hamsters in my head all going full speed! it was awesome never have I talked that much in one night! Well, it pretty much stayed that way for 4 or 5 days. on the 5th day my dealer informed me that he had just acquired some mushrooms. Now shrooms, I'm familiar with.

While Cranked out on Meth. Me and my pal go get some of those shrooms that he had told me about. We get the shrooms and head home. I've got some good mushroom tea recipes, so we made the juice of the gods "mushroom tea". Now remember I'm all cranked out so I was already seeing shit, like shadows and bubbles moving in my peripheral vision. So we drink! Mmm I love the taste of fresh shroom tea. About thirty minutes into the fun I started getting the yawns and chills associated with the shrooms. 10 minutes after that I'm seeing colors and stuff undulating all this added to the meth freak out that I was on for the last 5 days! I just want to add NO SLEEP either!!! Pretty soon sitting in my friends room I keep reaching for a dog that wasn't even there! and I'm seeing these bugs, bugs are in the corners of his room. Man, I know that I'm gone now! He's telling me there are no bugs in the corner! and the dog is outside.

WOW! OK well I'm gonna leave this haunted room even the t.v. was moving not really moving just wiggling. As I make it to the back porch I see this figure run past me I went on a one and a half hour expedition to find this guy who was trespassing on my pals property. Needless to say I never found him and I got lost in the process. while wondering around out side I run into my friend who urges me to "GET THE FUCK IN THE HOUSE" Well I didn't even remember why I went outside in the first place. Well, we go in and we roll a joint puff puff pass and we did! Wow this was surreal the weed enhanced everything visuals went though the roof and my crank started calling back to hit it again... So I did. and for a total of 16 hours I. Tripped balls the longest fastest trip I have ever had!

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