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kitch's summer journal 2:

Substances: Cannabis and dexedrine
By: kitchkinet

The night I got back from utah I took about 200mg of dexedrine and smoked a good deal of weed I'd hidden before I went away. I styaed up all night. My father called me the next morning and told me that I needed to go see Anne Mann, my Director of Religious education about a job I wanted up in Ferry Beach, Maine.

Now I'm a Unitarian Universalist. It's a very liberal religion, they teach us from all religious traditions and encourage spiritual exploration. They're also very politically liberal and active. Ferry Beach is a camp up in main that we were given sometime in the 1900's. Anne works their as the dining hall steward and I needed a job for after boy scout camp.

I was very dazed from not sleeping and from the dexedrine, plus I had just come out of the utah wilderness into civilization for the first time. I had a long deep spiritual discussion with Anne, it was very fulfilling. She introduced me to some of the other staff and they were all mad chill, basically hippies.

I confirmed that I had gotten the job there and went back home to get ready for camp. I was home for about a week, in which time I basically was back up to the level of drug use before I went to rehab.

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