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Level Five = "Level What the Fuck?"

Substances: Mushrooms.
By: Odoman

I bought about a full oz of magic mushrooms, we had about a half split three ways. The shit didn't hit my until 1 hr after I ate them.

This all took place in a mall and it's parking lot.

When I was hit, I was thinking about the scale of level 1, level 2, level 3, level 4, and level 5. In either case level five is labeled incorrectly, I deemed level five to be "Level What the Fuck?" literally is what my mind was thinking or lack of thinking was going on.

My friends and I were wondering when our trip would end, but not exactly wonder. The confusion behind is absolutely understand able when you hit "Level What the fuck?"

We watched a building smoke a cigarette and blame it for taking all of our cigarettes. Then we looked for a quarter to put into the wall since it asked for it from us. My friend went back into the mall and found asked for a quarter from a stranger when we had a lady offering it freely, yet I did not accept it since I was looking for one behind a massage chair for it.

A bunch of kids came up to us after seeing jeepers creepers and began watching us trip out. The like a bunch of apes there were more of them behind me and all around me. I was totally unaware of what the fuck they were doing. Before I know it they began poking me with a magazine. Then they locked arms and pretended to be a bus or some shit, I had earlier asked them for what they were waiting for, they said ride and I said "I'm waiting for the reality bus and thus I need a quarter"

Evidently, my friends told me I gave my business card out and asked them to call me to tell me how fucked I was. Luckly, nobody called.

My friends and I were dead broke since we speant all our money on shrooms, and had noway of getting home. The only thing we had was a quarter, and we put that into the bus and we were off home 3 guys for a quarter and as so we thought at the time was the real reality bus.

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