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Life changing trip

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Harrison

last nite me and my shroomin mate decided to trip.

i live on the isle of man and shrooms are quite easy to come by so we went out picking.
we were out for 1 1/2 hours and managed to pick about 1500 shrooms(lib caps) we came home and my mum was out so we made a brew. 400 shrooms went in the pan with the water and they were boiled for 30-40 mins. we had one cup of tea sitting in the front room and then made another with the same shrooms and had it in my bedroom.

my mate, chris, hadn't tripped for about 3 weeks and the last time i tripped was 4 days ago.

about 40 mins after we had had the tea, i could feel them kicking in, but nothing to what i was expecting out of 400 shrooms. i looked over at my mate chriss who was playing with his feet and giggling. i found this quite funny...lol

we were just joking around with each other and having a fag in my room (which my mum does NOT approve of) when the phone went. it was my mum...she was just making sure everything was alright and that i wasn't doing anything that i shouldn't be doing.(like smoking) i told her that i wasn't and that i had a mate round. we carryed on trippin' all through the afternoon but i still wasn't at the peak and i couldn't understand why. mum was due back at 6pm and before she came back i needed to clean up my room and empty out all the ashtrays. suddenly, at 5pm, the door opens downstairs.

It was my mum! She had finished work early and had come home. She wasn't happy in the slightest. She told chriss to leave the house and proceded to bollock me.
as she was shouting, i could feel my energy being drained out of my system...my legs turned to jelly. i shut my eyes and reasured myself that it was just the shrooms and that it would be ok. I opened my eyes, expecting everything to be ok, but it wasn't....ants were crawling all over the place. i freaked out and ran upstairs to the bathroom.

i lay on the floor listening to my mum talking to my dad on the phone and as she was doing so, shrooms were growing out of my arms and the bathroom carpet. i shut my eyes and i could see devils and skulls appearing. i knew that it would be like this for the rest of the trip and i started to panic....badly.

i ran into my room and lay on my bed, talking myself down.

and then it hit me...my life was a mess....i hadn't been to college for the past month and my mum thought i had....i had spotted everything that was going wrong in my life and i could see myself correcting all these problems in my head when i closed my eyes... i couldn't belive how much of an ass i had been all throughout my life.

now i have read about people taking mushrooms and it changing there life, but i never in a million years expected it to be this hard-hitting and 'in your face'.

mushrooms really are amazing things and are not to be taken light-heartedly at all.....they really can change your whole perspective on life and the way you live it....i will never think of mushrooms in the same way ever again....

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