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life is better as a hobbit

Substances: Cannabis

I was about to move and my friend wanted to give me something really cool before i moved. After a long boring day at school 5th period he caught me in the hall and said fuck this lets leave its your last day. We just walked out the front door no one knew. I lived in Washington state so their was a forest right behnd my school. As we were walking he said wait and pulled out a bag of weed and a pipe. It was my first time but i sucked that shit down. After 10 minues and 30$ worth we started to walk. I didnt feel anything and then it hit me. I looked at him and told him that we had to save the world. He started to laugh and said ok you fuckin chipmonk what do you mean. I was so fucked that i honestly belived i was a hobbit and trying to run. We had our fun and proceded to what was a super market. I had 5$ so i bought some cereal and we wlkaed around town. Every one stared at the kids with the box of cereal. To this day i tell everyone life is better as a hobbit and they turn their head sideways and say huh?

Legalize it!
Bob Marley

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