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Little purple elves running around

Substances: Mushrooms and Cannabis
By: Dylan Zoratti
E-mail: zoratti11@hotmail.com

I had tryed weed and magic mushrooms but both seperately.
My friend and I decided we should try them together and
have a major trip. We bought four grams of mushrooms and an eigth of an ounce of weed both high quality. We bought it off this funny ass little chinese stoner named Chang. I was in grade 9 and my friend was in grade 8 so we were both about 13 or 14. And we wanted a major ass fucking trip out. We rolled up a big fat chonger with about half of the eigth in it and ate our first gram of mushrooms each. His parents were out for the whole night so we had no worries. After puffing on the chonger and finishing it up, we threw the roach and some others out of our collection into my bong. Had some good hits. I was already pretty damn stoned and we had half of our shit left. We finshed everything else. He went upstairs to get some munchies and suddenly i had the bigest trip of my life. There were this little purple elves running around and i was trying to fight them off. At the time i had no idea what they actually were but in the morning we found numerous of his plants knocked over and dirt spilled all over.

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