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Looking at the winshield wipers

Substances: Cannabis
By: Daniel J
E-mail: Loafingman101@aol.com

This was my first time getting high. I, as most people do, got turned onto weed through a couple of friends. I was 14 at the time, I had wanted to try weed for a while befoire that. I mean REALLY wanted to try it.
So, my friends, my mother, and their mothers were at a Jerry's Deli in Studio City (Los Angeles). My friends showed me that bag and I was almost already hooked. I begged them if we could do it in the ally next to resteraunt... we did... oh god did we ever. Of course I coughed a lot ... but oh man it was awesome after....
I was fine in the resteraunt and all was normal.. I was a little pissed. Then a friend of mine and my mother got into the car ( with my mother driving ) to go home. It happend to be raining that day and she turned on the winshield wipers... I've never seen anything so funny in my life.. the way they went back and fourth.


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