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Looking at trees

Substances: Cannabis

Hello everyone, this is my take in Pot, marijuana, hemp, whatever you may call it, i think it is awesome and my favorite thing to do when i am stoned is look at trees. yeah those things in the ground with leaves. to do this you need to ge stoned at night, and find a tree that has like a street light or some source of "fake lighht" (aka not the sun) shining on it, so that it makes some shadows, you will know when you find a good tree because your just gonna start seeing stuff in it. your not hallucinatiing, but you can just see them because you are stoned and now you have time to look for them.
this all started one night when me and my friend were baking out his el-camino, so it had such a small area and we were in a good fog. so any way i got pretty stoned and was just staring out of the window of his car.

i started to notice how one long brach of this tree kind of looked like a cartoon hand with a glove on it, then if you looked differently it looked like a rocket ship with fire coming out of it. we were both seeing crazy stuff and drove around to find other good trees. you see this stuff in the tree leaves and shadows. once i was telling some friends of mine about how we did this and they did not believe me, we were staring at this tree for like 10 min and didn't see anything so they were skeptical, then one of my friends is like look i see a huge letter "P" and we all saw this huge P and we all laughed for a while. usually everything you see can be seen as something else but from one fixed point as a reference. Once i was looking at this tree and i saw a dog with a hat on and his nose was also the eye of a fish that was in the opposite direction, you will see cool stuff if you look for it. well try it out, its a lot of fun and you can kill a lot of time if you get bored or just don't have anything better to do. when stoned i also enjoy hackey sack, music, bowling "Toke-a bowl-ng" i swear i get like atlest 50 pins more when i am stoned, the usual stuff you know. well i hoped you enjoyed reading this and really hope you enjoy trees. if this made no sence its because i am really stoned rihgt now and am exploring the internet, hooray for technology.

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