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LSD: Life Sober Death

Substances: LSD
By: Tical

A group of us caught the train at about 7 to meet up outside of the rave at about 8pm, I took some piracetam (as it helps increase the effects of psychedelics and bought 2 hits of acid, one for my friend and one for myself). We ate some dinner because we were all fairly hungry and then went into the rave waiting for our food to digest. The tabs we had were apparently fairly good quality according to bluelighters and friends reviews, so we were in for a good night.

About 1.5 hours later at about 9:30 once we were in the rave we decided to dump the acid, we wondered around checking out the different arenas of the raves as we waited for the acid to kick in. I started feeling a bit nauseas and sat down to wait for it to pass. We went outside as I began feeling the come on of the trip at about 10. There was a jumping castle slide outside which I went on a few times hitting myself and bouncing off the walls as much as possible, got burns on my elbow and knee. The burn on my elbow would be the little piece of reality that would lie within my trip.

As the acid started to kick in more, so did the visuals and the removing of boundaries, or maybe it’s the placing of boundaries instead. The come up feels sort of uncomfortable as the yin and yang effects became more noticeable. For every feeling there is an opposite feeling, Feelings of everything and feelings of nothingness at the same time. I wanted to go for a walk but I wanted to sit and do nothing at the same time. We reached the peak of the trip at about 11:30 and by this time we were laughing at the fact that the floor was building up these really nice looking fractal patterns.

We walked around stomping to the songs that we liked but almost oblivious to the fact we were at a rave (a bit of a waste considering the rave was fairly expensive). Anyway, this is where a lot of the philosophy begins as we explored little closed off parts of the rave as little parts of our mind. The thing with acid is that everything seems to come from both sides, we described it as Love Sober Dissociative or Life Sober Death. L standing for connection and understanding, sober standing for the normal emotions, feelings and thoughts we usually have, and D for disconnection where everything is wrong, feelings of nothingness. Does LSD Answer questions or does it merely just ask them?

At one point during the night I walked into the females bathroom only realizing that it was the wrong place to be when I heard a girl say “WTF is he doing in here?”
I left and went into the males toilets to fill up my bottle of water. I laughed at LSD’s escapist drug style, and I had a perception it was merely just another escape like an opiate or whatever… choose your poison.

I had an ecstasy pill on me which was quite strong but I decided to save it for a later time and not ruin the experience, as a seedy comedown could have made the experience less magical. (I’ll candyflip on New years eve ) Anyway the trip continued and I thought about the rave scene from the perspective and emotions present on the security guards face, and I sort of got the impression they thought Raves and Ravers were a group of wasted opportunities. I saw one girl overdosing on speed and pills as the paramedics came rushing over, and I began philosophizing about death.

However this trip wasn’t going to go bad, in fact thinking about death and functioning in a society on Acid would be fun, imagine if one day everyone in the entire world had a dose of acid, I don’t think I’d be able to function in an everyday lifestyle on acid. We felt the ground which felt amazing and we stared at bricks for a while, had philosophical conversations with strangers and completely forgot about manners
There was no desire to talk or be nice, no empathy and therefore I ended up being sort of selfish and sometimes ignored phone calls from friends.

The whole experience seemed ME ME ME, and once there was a pile of Styrofoam balls that feel from the ceiling I had a crazy desire to roll in them, mmmmmm that was fun! As I started coming back down at about 4am I started getting back into the rave, I bought a chicken roll which is one of the greatest things I’ve ever eaten, LSD really improves your appreciation of food Bubbles of flavour exploding in my mouth, just like the way your other senses explode, they aren’t normal senses you feel them in a different way and during the experience I was overwhelmed with a feeling that English is a bad language for communication and newer better forms of communication and taking in information should be invented. We have primitive methods of learning.

I decided to persue a bad trip, but a bad trip on acid at this point would be fun anyway. Confusion is what hurts the brain and confusion would seem hard to achieve at this point. I was feeling the music in my own little bubble of thought is amazing, my entity saw the music as I thought about life and I watched an awesome dj set as I watched the sun rise outside, I lit up a cigarette and watched as it burned in its fluorescent orange embers. WE left the rave at about 6am and then caught the train, the trip was starting to come back as we felt the binders of existence come back into place… or disappear again, and as we left the feelings of everything as well as nothingness we began feeling normal again. At about 9:30 all that was left was a few minor visuals.

Now all there is, is to think of next time, NYE when I will candyflip Gonna have to get some more of them and the best I could describe my trip would be like two opposites conflicting with each other to feel one dizzy sober feeling, for ever up there is the opposite negative, but all in all it was a fun trip and I’d be happy to repeat it, Is everything happening within or is it all external. Surrounded by a circle of flames where does the fire start? You want to do everything but at the same time you want to do nothing. Did I actually find the answers… Or did I just find the questions?

Life is for all the good feelings it brings in, all the wholes complete happiness Sober because you feel sober however life and death conflict so much to make a dizzy sober Death because this is the opposite of life and for every emotion or thought there was an opposite

Yin and Yang trip

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