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Make a bong

Substances: Cannabis
By: Danny Smith
E-mail: smith0106@hotmail.com
Webpage: http://www.geocities.com/smith0106_uk/JungleMassiv

It was a friday night and me and me cru had the teeniest bit a weed, so we decided to make a bong. All we had to make it was a few beer cans,hose pipe,a bucket and a pocket knife!

Here is how we made it, there was 4 of us so we needed 4 bits of pipe, one for everyone! So first i chopped the hose pipe into 4 equal lengths, then i cut one beer can so it made a big flat sheet to go over the bucket. Then i cut holes in the sheet to fit 4 beer cans into them, then cut the bottoms off of the 4 beer cans and put them into place in the sheet of metal then we put our own slice of hose pipe into the holes in the top of the cans and then sparked the dope!
But the shittiest thing of all was that i only got half a drag therefor not getting stoned i had to spend some more cash on some weed!

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