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Ever since my bout with stomach problems and severe weight loss which left me litterally looking like an death camp victim. Eyes sunken, cheeks sunken, and about every visible bone showing. Then I started smoking pot. It helped put the pounds on a little. Until a had enough to started lifting again. I smoke about a bowl or half a bowl before i work out. With out the weed i kinda just stop doing them out of boringness, and always making excuses to do them later. If I do smoke before i feel like Henry Rollins. Self-confidence is boosted. The driving determination is there. MJ also helps to zoom in and work on muscles i would have not even noticed if I was sober. It allows you to have a better insight of your body, you can just feel every tendon and every muscle working and working. It's like you know every part of your body. It really has helped too. My arms increased a good 2 or 3 inches in 3 months. My abs have come alot more defined. Endurance has increaased dramatically I owe alot to MJ and my health.

MJ allows to focus on mindsets and zero in and work on them. Like for instance stoners that like to get together and act like retards and thinks it's cool generally become that. The same with me and body building, but remember everybody is different maybe pot is not for everyone.

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