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Mom and Dad are both in alcholics

Substances: Cannabis
By: Jake
E-mail: reward_350@Rock.com

Ok it all started like this my mom and Dad are both in alcholics anonyms (A.A.) and in narcotics anonyms (N.A.) and every year my parents take me and my sister Leah to a round up for n.a. and a.a. that lasts three days and my sister is a big cronic and everytime i see her I want Beer then she says why do you drink just smoke you won't get sick and then she pulls out a blunt and everythings fine but anyway when we went out there I hadn't touched pot for like a month and of course Leah brings some green me my friend her and her dumb ass dog go to our cabin and she is trying to to convince me to get high with her and i'm saying no thanks leah I quit that shit i'm fine thats alright then she paced a bowl for herself and i give in so we smoke a couple bowls and i'm just higher then a mother fucker like i hate her dog and i'm getting along with it tripping out over fuckin little homies by tupac and then i decide to take her dog for a walk its probabley 1;00 am and it is pitch black here because were in the middle of nowhere and i've been going to this place for about 13 years and i get fuckin lost and it freaked me out because when I was looking where the cabin was before its not there and i see a bunch of shadows moving up in down in the little bit of light

I was so freaked out i tok the same path over and over again and every time I got to where the cabin should have been it was somone elses cabin then I seen a girl and asked her for directions and she new I was stoned because i've been going there longer then her so we started looking and we found this tiney tiny path right beside the one cabin and walked for about ten feet and saw a little porch light and i knew we found it when i got it the cabin i was scared as shit and my sister packs another bowl and she lights it up and as soon as she passes it to me and i take a hoot my parents barge in and they say they can smell it and they ask for the pipe so i give it to my mom she looks at me with a smile and takes a Blast I was in shock and I thought To myself I guess willpower doesn't run in my family

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