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Mom could be home any minute

Substances: Cannabis
By: Travis
E-mail: trav2387is@hotmail.com

It was summer 2002, 2 of my friends and i put our money to get a 60 sack one day. Before going to get it, we decided to smoke the rest of dro my freind chris had, he got out his pipe and 1 hitter. He wasnt being to bright and decided to light up in his room.
When my high started hitting me i was telling him how stupid it was to do this in his room and out a window w/ a fan & that he shouldn't again. His mom could be home any minute. (he didnt even check what time she would be home) All 3 of us were high, i left the room for a moment b/c they were the ones who had payed for it orginaly, they wanted the last part of it to themselves.

I came back to his room to tell them we needed to go. They still had all the stuff outon the windowseal and on the floor. I sat down on the bed and his mom walked in the room and called chris out, he stared laughting when she asked what he was smoking, hes idiotic like that (this would be his 2 time gettign caught).he didnt say en thing and then she came back to question me about what it was.
I explained to her after a long silence b/c my other freind wouldnt speak up, that it was a ciggarette and a cigar.(she kinda dumb shes a 1st grade teacher)she didint believe me and she left to go to the store and told us she would be back.

We went down stairs to eat and james was fucking with the dog saying it was attacting him. We tryed to think of a b/s story to tell her but chris was too much of a puss to tell his mom ne thing. I went home expecting to be question by my parents but they didint say ne thing till 4 days later when chris's mom called my parents.
I lied to them and told them it was my first time and they believed me. James & i havent been into scence mainly b/c we play football in high sch. plann on startin later tho, but chris still does in his stupid ways and recently got introuble for havin a pipe at school he was borrowing it from a freind and switched in the hallway by the security...and we didnt get our 60 sack...

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