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Monkey thing started poppin out

Substances: Mushroom
By: Saunie
E-mail: extacynow15@excite.com

one time when i was goin through a trip wit magic mushrooms, the trip was real bad. the room ( i was in my living room like a stupid ass ) started goin backwards real fast, like when your in a car and you look out the window, and the room turned blood red wit flourescent orange and yellow and green specks all over it. the furniture and shit started growin and shrinkin and they changed, like they weren't what they were. then the room stretched like there was no end, it just went on forever. it looked like blood was drippin from the walls, and this monkey thing started poppin out from behind things. it wasnt like no cute "awww its a monkey!" kinda shit, no this was a short thing that walked like a monkey on all fours, and it's head looked like stinky from Ahhh real monsters except it had these sharp teeth that were drippin wit really shiny blood,kinda like when you have a black light on somethin. well this fuckin monkey started jumpin on me and tearin up my arm! it was shreekin and laughing like an evil clown kinda thing. i never chewed that much shrooms after that.

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