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My brain started to melt
But then Quasi moto brings out these glasses

Substances: Acid, Weed

Well its hard to know where to start(its a little confusing) but here goes. OK after getting ready for school one day I called my friend and asked him if he wanted to get fried(fried being about 4 or 5 bowls) and of course he said hell yeah. So we went to this wooded place we always got high at. We got fried and then we went to school as we always did, nothing unusual. Then our other friend who had scored us some acid gave us the sweet tarts laced with the acid. My friend and I had 4 tarts each and each had 2 drops of acid on them. We ate them and went into school. We each had different classes so it was really stupid to take the acid at school since I need to be around people I know well. Well, first block goes by and nothing happened at all. So I started to get pissed off. Then I went to second block which was chemistry for me. Oh man, as soon as I sat down the light got very bright. I thought I would go blind. Then the teacher walked by but she quickly looked like a huntchback. Scary. So I'm sitting there and I start to get worried. But then quasi moto brings out these glasses that make everything have different colors. Lets just say she didn't get them back:) as the day went on the trip got worse but no one even noticed me wiggin because I was one of those so-called nobodies or I just didn't like the people at my school. I went in the restroom and I couldn't see the blue in my eyes, just black and still no one noticed. After I saw my eyes, my brain started to melt or I thought it was. It didn't hurt but it was just melting if you know what I mean. The day went on and on and on. There is so many things that happened that I could write a book on it. I believe that it was the best day of school that anyone could have period.

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