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My buddy saw a field of scarcrows

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Greg Clark
E-mail: l2omeoo@hotmail.com

This was my fifth time doing shrooms, and i did about 5 g's, with some friends of mine. We were at the gas station when they started kicking in, then all my friends got out and left me in the car by myself i started felling a little weird and the windows around me were starting to fog up then i looked at the rearview mirror and it started jiggling and it felt like i was in there for like 8 hours, my friends got back in the car, but at first i didnt reconize them and wondered why they were getting in my car, so they told me who they were and i guess i believed them and we started driving down a dark country road and there was a lot of steep hills we were going up and down them and everytime we went up one it felt like we flew off the top. We were passing farms and my buddy saw a field of scarcrows...so he decided that he would drive up there and see how we would react to them, he told us to get out so we all got out of the car and the scarcrows starting coming after us...so i started running away..then i turned to see if the car was still there and everyone was gone and it was just me standing there by myself and no car. All of sudden i heard my friends calling me but i couldnt see them...i looked at the scarcrows again ..looked back and my friends were back so we got in the car and drove away...my friend in the front seat kept on looking back at me but everytime she looked back at me it didnt look like her it looked like a skeleton looking at me. Finally we got back into town...that was a scary trip

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