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My dad is a stoner, so basically im a naturally born stoner

Substances: Cannabis

well, it was like any other day in my boring little life. My best friend who was already a stoner decided to make me a stoner in training... She had a few bowls left from the day before and we decided to head back to her house and smoke 'em. Well, it was my first time and I was an expert...you see, everyone thinks im a crack head because im weird (but cool) beyond reason, and my dad is a stoner, so basically im a naturally born stoner. And i was pretty excited...well we got in the lodge of her house and pulled out a can (i dunno why she didnt have a pipe).... and we started smoking... the best thing is i was taking the biggest hits and i wasn't caughing at all...she could barely handle it... Well afterwards we decided to walk about a mile or so down the road to the grocery store...for no one remembers what reason.

Well are walking on the road and she was paranoid out of her mind....( i have mass paranioa...) but i wasn't paranoid about anything, all i remember is walking on the road and laughing at EVERY SINGLE car i saw drive by, i swear, if she wasn't there i would have died laughing...

Well we get to the store an the paranoia kicks into my head (i don't remember acutally getting there, but i remember being there) anyways, i'm the kind of person who will go up to ANY random person and begin a conversation....so...she told me to stay put while she went to get food, she said no matter how hot the guy was, not matter how much alcohal someone would buy for me, i couldn't talk to anyone...right, who was she to tell me what to do?! So. I'm sitting there singing heartbreaker (by Led Zepplin) in my head, when i see this MASS hot guy, i couldn't even remember the song that had just been playing in my head, i mean....dude. so like...im sitting there, and he's looking at me, and so i stick my tongue out at him....and he asks me what my name is and of course i told him...

Well, im not positive my friend is going to be back within the next 10 minutes, she's buying everything in the store...anyways, i was talking to this hot guy, and he's looking at me, i ask him if he smokes, and he goes yeah, im stoned right now, and i go, really so am i! and the next thing i know im in the woods with him, my best friend, his hot friend and we're smoking bowls and eating...

Needless to say...I made out with this guy for about...an hour or so, then i think...oh shit i gotta be home....and i was stoned out of my mind, this guy gives me a ride home and in the car gives me pointers on how to keep from letting my parents know...i get in the door and i already eat and drink and sleep and all that shit all the time so my parents wouldnt have suspected anything anyways...but i walk in the door (my ex stoner brother just so happened to be home...DAMMIT!) he takes one look at me and shouts out (i swear to fuck these very words) "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN WE HAVE OURSELVES A STONER" another needless to say thing: I was grounded for a month and the entire month i stole weed from my dad...HA! got them back...bitches

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