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My first Mary Jane experience

Substances: Cannabis
By: Jay The Smot Poker

The first time I smoked I was in my friends garage, and he had taken about half an ounce from his parents....

We Load the first bowl, and start to toke, and he says, "Man, this is some bunk shit, and we porbably won't even catch a buzz."

Well it turns out that it was some creeper and my friend knew it the whole time. It was so funny because just after we had loaded the 2 1/2 foot color changing glass bong, it all hit me, and I went to stand up and fell on my ass, then I got up after laughing for what seemed like forever, and I told my friend while pointing to the left, "Dude, The world is going this way."
We both crack up, because we were fucking hella STONED after the 14th bowl, and I don't remember how but we ended up on his giant trampolene, and it was the funnest thing in the world, until I fell off...
Then we went inside and ate the following:
Microwave pizza,
Pizza pockets,
3 bags of chips,
2 bags of oreo's,
and a partredge and a pair tree.

and there was no Soda left at all, then we fell asleep watching cheech and chongs up in smoke. It was one of the best nights of my life.!

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