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My first time

Substances: Cannabis
By: Iwishiwashigh

My first time ever,Part 1, was great.

I had never smoked before, but was wondering, I had heard my friends and tv adn shit. well anyway, this friend of mine had smoke before adn i wanted to, so we were down town, in our little prep town, just walking around, whenwe happened upon some fellows. they just happened to be "feinds" wouldn't you know it we got to talkin. ohh I'm about 14 at the time. anyway everyones parents were home so we couln't as well go there, so we went to a kinda secluded place by some train tracks. now this place probly wasn't the smartest of spots cause it was right by a road, infact 20 ft or so, but we were being these trees adn shrubs. anyway, we sat down on this mound of pebles, which was convienetly in a circle. but this time I was rather restles and was not sure what to expect, I'd never seen pot or anything, I was a complete novice.The 4 of us sat anticipateing the lovely(now I know)one kid took out his bag adn I pipe(and a lighter)since I had never smoked before, those nice kid thought it best if I smoke first , I was like wow , ok , adn they gave me the good tips, inhale, hold. ( I will never forget them for it :))so I took the packed pipe, adn lit, deep breaths , I did it slow like they said adn felt my lungs fill to the brim for the first fantasmal time. I passed,, and held, I wanted to breath out but just puffed out my cheeks and kinda kept breathing the smoke like potpuffer-fish, slowly I sank to the bottem. by this time I was rather numb, inebrehated of sorts and started to exhale out my nose.

I sunk back to the rocks. I out streached my hand, and I think the had already passed my once, so I puffed and repeated, for a facinateing time. soon I forgot where I was , then remembered, saw tunnel vision, theneverything I had never seen before. I squinted my eyes cause I thought the sun was soooooo bright, but realy squinted cause my eyes were like dust. this was about 1 min 30 sec, I think I took another hit and just couldn't stop laughing , I dont know why I did, i think Isaw a bird dancing a jig , or thought I saw a bird and thought what it would be like if he did dance a jig. anyway, the others were laughing at me by this time cause I could tell I was in my own little world, looking out and feeling what was going on all at the same time, it was great. well this whole time I had been hearing everything , I mean EVERYTHING.but instead of concentrating on my thoughts I though I hread a train comeing , (us being a few feet away from tracks), so I lept up adn looked around yelling some nonsence, I remember seeing them laughing , adn saying something like , "my friends, this is a dire matter, not a laughing one" adn they continued, so I snaped out of it, adn chukled a lil then was like, wow what happened to me. then we sat and watched the clouds roll by , it being summer and the sky was a great color of blue, or maybe it was cause I was high :), we then decided our hungers could no longer be denided adn went to a shell not to far away, or so I had thought. boy that took a while. well we got gummie bears/worms adn cherry cokes adn some other stuff but thats what I remember . and sat on the curb watching the cars go by, that was great.

My first time, part 2, was great.

well my friends..., after chillin down town for a few hours amlesly, still pretty gone from the first time, we some how decided to have a sleepover at this kids house. I dont know how i had manadged to stay away from my parents allday, and have them let me sleep over , but I did. the day had been pretty good , nothing to that night though :) .well it was about 11 and after his parents had gone to sleep we went to his room, where a bong was waiting for us. well we started smokeing , and smokeing adn toking and joking , then smokeing , adn smoking some more. by about 4 am we had gone thorugh about 2 1/8s of dank, the 4 of us , all w/ the bong , (remeber this was still my 1st day of smokeing, ever)wellI dont remeber much other them laughing a lot and watching tv, which I couldn't see it really , all I saw was bright white adn a few other colors of pink adn greens every now and then. and the great thing was, getting in my car that morning, dead tired adn my mom looking in the back seat adn saying , "your eyes are a little red, were you up all night?' and me smileing and noding, her not haveing a clue.

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