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My friend had passed out under a giant strawberry

Substances: Nitrous oxide
By: John Stoker
E-mail: bertswig@aol.com

Me and my friend were hiding outside the mall behind some bushes. we had a small tank of N2O with us. as we were huffing and watching each other pass/phish out for a while.I noticed aloud hissing sound i wondered what it was. I looked to my left. Pat my friend had passed out under a giant strawberry. I touched it all wet and goushy.By now the noise is getting louder and louder as i pushed my bangs away from my face. Suddenly i felt a stream of air comming out of the top of my head. how weird it really was pouring out of my head.PssssssssssssssT, sombody starts yelling "STOP that noise, STOP that noise.In front of me is a fire plug on the ground as i look down it's like a loonytoon looking fire plug just screaming at me to stop this noise.PsssssssT louder and louder "STOP that noise,your killing me STOP that noise" repeated the fire plug so i put one hand over the hole and the noise stopped. WHEW! i thought but a couple of seconds later again it started even with my hand still on the top of my head. STOP that noise started the plug again fearing someone in the mall parking lot would hear the noise i quickly slapped one hand then two over the hole in my head, turned to pat and said. "QUICK PAT GET MY MOM". by the time i turned back the noise had stopped and the steel fire plug lay quietly embedded in the concrete. not really knowing what happend pat and i went back inside to the arcade.

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