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My friends and i went to the movies

Substances: Cannabis
By: Stephanie Damron
E-mail: sdamron@innerchamber.com

The first time I ever got high was fun but not as fun as the second time..My friends and i went to the movies to go see halloween resarection(which looked really stupid on the preveiws)anyways we were waitin in my friends truck until the movie started so we decided to hot box the cab.. we just spent like 250 on a sack so we decided to smoke it before the movie... we each took like 10 hits out of my peice and then left to go to the movie.Once we got our seats(3 seats between all 4 of us)we were just gettin the feeling of our high so we couldnt wait until the movie started..finally the movie started and we were all faded as can be... well we couldnt stop talkin (reminder 3 seats apart)so we were like yellin at one another...lol... in the next 5 min the movie had a begining which we thought was the end. well to make it short go see a movie were you know youll trip out before it even really starts(BEST MOVIE OF MY HIGH)

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