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My friend taking the Ex-Lax

Substances: Cannabis & Ex-lax
E-mail: Allanimal@aol.com

This experience actually happened to one of my closest friends, however I was the one to make it happen. My friend and I were one day taking bonghits in my backyard. He was a newbie smoker of about 2 months, I had the advantage of 7 years experience. We were smoking this incredible weed that just blew our minds. Anyways after about 4 or 5 bowls my friend asked if I had any food. I told him to keep smoking and I would go inside and check. I was looking around and could find nothing. Before going back outside I went to the bathroom, while doing my thing in there I noticed a box next to the sink. The label read Ex-Lax. I almost pissed myself laughing hysterically like a true stoner at the thought of my friend taking the Ex-Lax. The directions said to take 2 pieces (which were chocolate flavored) to restore regular bowel movements within 4 hours. Finally I went back outside. "Where's the grub," my friend asks, so I hand him 4 pieces. Next thing I know he ate them and was asking for more. So as any good friend would do I gave him 2 more pieces. He loved them so much he asked where he could get them. I told him I didn't know. Anyways about an hour and a half later we were watching TV and we heard his stomach grumbling. He said he wasn't feeling so good and decided to go home. Later that night his sister(very hot!) called me and started screaming at me. She told me that she was having a birthday party when her brother came in literally driping from the pants! In any event I cracked up laughing, and he still hasn't forgiven me.

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