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My hand was in a bunch of spider webs

Substances: Cannabis
By: Flee
E-mail: BloodyDonkeyPoo@Shooshtime.com

I've been smoking weed for bout 1 n ½ years about now. My friend scott and I went smoking in the garage with about an eight left from a fat 50 sack my friend Scott got off his aunt. So anyways we were tokin out of a sick little pipe when we hear someone at the door pounding like they were the cops. We didn't do anything for about 2 minutes and Scott said "open the door and lets see who it is." I was like o.k. so I was next to the door and I was trying to open it. Well I was trying anyways... I was so stoned because we smoked about 8-12 bowls and matched 1 with my other friend. So I was trying to open the door but I was godly trippin... I tried to open the door but all I could feel was a bunch of things that made my hand tickle. So after about 10 minutes (yea thats how long we were trippin) Scott turned on the light and i saw that my FUCKING hand was in a bunch of spider webs all around and a big fat one was on my hand... God was i scared... well anyways it turns out that it was my other friend (non smoker... yet) and that he wanted to spend the night. He cought us smokin and said "You guys are smoking pot or what?" We told him ya and shit and I asked if he cared and he said no so its all good. Well after he left, Scott and me started to smoked again. It was a sick ass day. And I just hit 2 fat bowls out of a gravity bong :-D

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