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My mates dog started talkin

Substances: Mushrooms & Cannabis
By: Dee
E-mail: xd33x@hotmail.com

My amature Mates was still getting fucked beond fucked on the boring old cannbais resin i live in northern ireland and its hard to get strong grass and shit. I went on the hunt for some thing a little stonger. Low and behold i Discoverd an ounce of skunk weed so i turned up to all my mates show them the smoke they said na ill stick to the Block Dee so i smoked and i smoked Buckets Pipes spliffs Water bongs Untill i had smoked about a hlaf ounce There was me n my mate rusty. I was already wasted then i took a few Mushrooms about 30 mins later i walked into my mates house eyes popin evry where the heat hit me. Wasted out whitey attack i felt sick i was sick then The tingly feeling hit me Wow my head went completely up the fuckin wall My mates dog started talkin to me and the room was wobbleing I only had wat 2 grams of mushrooms dont hit ya that bad it musta been the weed. This was the last thought i had...
i woke up the next mornin In my Lawn
Wat a fuckin nite

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